Corner Fireplace Ideas

Corner fireplace ideas take a major contribution to creating a warm and cozy ambiance. Living in a country in which the temperature can drop below zero means you need to have a good fireplace installation. A good fireplace is not only by appearance but also by functions.

There are several types of indoor fireplaces that you can purchase. It ranges from a wood-burning fireplace, electric fireplace, gas fireplace, to table-top fireplace. Make sure to choose the right type and design to get the best out of it.


Amazing Corner Fireplace Ideas for Decoration and Function

A wood-burning fireplace is one of the most common indoor fireplaces. This type of hearth is typically made of bricks or stone, giving intricate accent to your interior. The traditional furnace can create a cozy atmosphere in any room. Here are 25 ideas to enhance your space with traditional corner fireplace ideas.

1. Wood-burning fireplace with mantel in minimalist design

corner fireplaces design

Despite wood-burning hearth comes with a traditional concept, it suits best for any space with any style. Traditional fireplace with crown molding mantel looks inviting in your minimalist living room. To add more decorations, small greeneries will do a great job.

You can also add a photo frame or graphic as a corner fireplace decor. This can be a focal point in the living room or any space and avoid awkward living room layout with corner fireplace ideas.

2. Modern fireplace with cement surround and black wall

corner natural gas fireplace

You can bring the wood-burning corner fireplaces ideas to the next level. By way of combining the fireplace with modern surround, you can elevate the value of traditional fireplace as well as your interior. The smoke from burning wood and warmth create a cozy ambiance in any space.

But unlike a gas fireplace, a wood furnace requires more attention. Safety is a priority, thus you need to use a fireplace screen to avoid spit out ember. Besides, it also keeps your floor clean from embers.

3. Timber mantels and white stone surround looks inviting

corner faux fireplace

For a small living room, traditional wood-burning fireplace with stone surround gives an inviting look. To emphasize farmhouse nuance, timber mantel can be a great addition. Combined with hardwood flooring, living room interior looks marvelous.

To enjoy the warmth, you can place a sofa or lounge chair nearby. The presence of real plants adds more color to the room. Don’t forget the area rug to create a friendly and warm atmosphere.

4. TV over a wood-burning fireplace to add amusement

living room with corner fireplace

Some people warm their body while reading a favorite book. If you need more amusement, a wall mount TV over the fireplace can do. The following corner fireplace ideas allow you to enjoy the cozy ambiance while watching a favorite TV show with family.

Comfortable seating is all you need to complement the interior. Wooden chairs emphasize classic touch that you bring into the room, while sofa can be a good option if you need comfort.

5. Modern corner fireplace in a small size

big lots corner fireplace

For your urban house, corner fireplace design in a small size gives sufficient warmth for the entire space. This modern corner fireplace looks inviting with a unique appearance. Unlike traditional hearth with mantel and chimney, this corner fireplace sits nicely on the corner of your room.

The wood-burning fireplace enables you to feel the real warmth of a wood fire. Fireplace screen keeps you and your floor safe from embers spit out. At the same time, it evokes modern look to the hearth.

6. Herringbone bricks fireplace with limestone surround

corner entertainment centers with fireplace

Most of the traditional fireplace is made of stone and brick. Both materials are sturdy and can stand with the heat released by a wood fire. Unexpectedly, stone and brick also give a unique appearance to any room.

This fireplace comes with herringbone bricks combined with limestone surround. The subtle color blends nicely with white flooring and wall. The corner fireplace ideas can also be applied for your patio.

7. Decorative mantel for corner fireplace

corner electric fireplace entertainment center

It cannot be denied that using room corner is rather tricky. But if you have narrow space, optimizing every inch of the room is a must. To get the best out of your corner, this astonishing corner fireplace is worth your consideration.

The wood-burning fireplace looks catchy with crown molding mantel in white color. You can add more decor to the mantel by putting photo frames, collectibles, or even small plants.

8. Tile surround and stone wall create harmony

corner wood burning fireplace

Harmony is a key point to enhance your interior. When it comes to a corner fireplace ideas, the following corner hearth idea looks stand out. Thanks to tile surround and stone chimney that match each other.

The combination creates a harmonious look that indulges your eyes. To optimize its functionality, the fireplace offers wood chunks storage. It improves your experience of using the fireplace.

9. Corner wood-burning fireplace in a minimalist living room

corner stone fireplace

An inviting look is presented by a built-in corner fireplace. This is a traditional-modern hearth that provides warmth and cozy ambiance inside the living room. Its unique design makes the fireplace a focal point in the area.

Despite its modern look, the following corner fireplace ideas apply traditional hearth type. As a wood-burning fireplace, it comes along with wood chunks storage. Anytime you need, just throw the chunks into the fireplace.

10. An above-mantel TV with stone chimney evokes farmhouse nuance

modern corner fireplace

Get an outstanding fireplace with farmhouse nuance. This is an idea that you need to take into account when having a plan to renovate the fireplace.

The large fireplace comes with limestone surround and chimney to emphasize its farmhouse style. The presence of wall-mounted TV allows you to enjoy favorite TV show while feeling the cozy atmosphere inside the room.

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11. Corner fireplace with limestone wall and mounted TV

corner fireplace tv stand for 55-inch tv

Cornerstone fireplace evokes a traditional look to your interior. The nicely stacked stones create fascinating fireplace appearance. To make it better, an inset mantel with decoration makes it more fabulous.

You can feel the harmony of this interior. Thanks to beige wall paint color that matches with stone flooring. To enjoy the fireplace at its most, simply mount a TV over the hearth.

12. Create traditional feeling with wood-burning hearth and timber mantel

small corner fireplace

It is argued that the rustic fireplace is one of the favorite hearth styles. There are many ways to evoke rustic-traditional nuance to the interior. Among them, employing stone fireplace with timber mantel is the easiest.

Dark stone creates a rustic and traditional look without too much effort. It is emphasized by timber mantel that looks inviting. The corner fireplace ideas do not need fireplace screen as it has a wide clearance. This can be a great idea for an outdoor fireplace, too!

13. Corner fireplace insert for flexible use

white corner fireplace tv stand

The traditional wood-burning fireplace that comes in fireplace insert design is so flexible that you can use almost anywhere. If you want to take advantages from the room corner, an insert small fireplace is good to go.

This flexible fireplace can provide sufficient warmth for a small living room. Black frame with the see-through screen allows you to enjoy the dancing wood fire in a cozy atmosphere.

14. Feel the real warmth in a cold-tone living room with corner wood-burning heart

direct vent corner gas fireplace

The following corner fireplace ideas are what you need to provide a different feeling in a modern living room. This traditional-modern hearth comes along with a fascinating stone surround. To elevate its look, place a nice vase over the fireplace.

You can feel the warmth in a living room with cold-tone wall paint color. Enjoy the cozy and warm atmosphere while reading a book or having a light conversation with family or friend.

15. Above-mantel inset with stone surround

corner fireplace insert

You can feel the warmth only by seeing this picture. The nice ambiance of farmhouse living room is evoked by the combination of hardwood flowing and stone fireplace.

Wooden corner fireplace mantels create an inviting look to the fireplace. An above-mantel niche can be a great place for your classic ornament. This is a corner hearth that can enhance the value of your living room.

16. Timber mantel with decorative wall clock looks classic

outdoor corner fireplace

Wood fireplace evokes a traditional and classic nuance to any room. Brick and stone materials bring a strong character to the hearth and define its classic look.

This corner fireplace looks inviting in your room corner. Stone surround with timber mantel evokes a traditional and classic accent to the living room. A rustic wall clock makes a statement to space.

17. Limestone chimney and hardwood flooring to accentuate your living room

corner fireplace mantels

Limestone makes a strong feeling of traditional nuance. This wood fireplace unit with white limestone surround and crown molding mantel defines your living room corner.

The white hearth makes a perfect blend to a farmhouse living room. The combination of a white sofa, area rug, and hardwood flooring indulges your eyes. You can also install a wide glass window to bounce more natural light into the room.

18. Go classic with wood-burning hearth and stone wall

electric fireplace corner unit

Bounce an ancient look with stone corner fireplace ideas. The hearth takes you back to the Neolithic era, thanks to the fascinating stacked stones. This intriguing wood-burning fireplace is suitable for your traditional living room.

Living room with corner fireplace ideas looks incredible with hardwood flooring and wooden ceiling. Glass windows with wood frame also evoke a warm atmosphere to the area.

19. Elevate your interior with unique chimney

awkward living room layout with corner fireplace

Make a bold statement with a unique chimney! This catchy fireplace brings a new definition to a contemporary living room. The small wood-burning corner fireplace ideas can spread warmth to the entire room space.

The black fireplace contrasts with the living room. Whitewall and tile flooring provide a creative look to the interior. To add more value, consider placing an artsy wall graphic or painting.

20. Tall stone hearth to redefine your living room

corner gas fireplace

Floor to ceiling fireplace with stacked limestone gives a new definition of the marvelous living room interior. The tall stacked stones create an eye illusion to make your small living room look larger. Meanwhile, the small fireplace provides a cozy atmosphere for the room.

The thing that makes this fireplace looks inviting is the perfect blend of limestones and the entire room elements. Heavy timber mantel with candles makes a nice decoration for the room.

21. Table-top corner fireplace ideas with see-through glass and wood surround

corner fireplace tv stand

Bring the fireplace to the next level with table-top corner hearth. This is a new way to heat your interior without a mess. The table-top fireplace looks clean and residue-free.

The modern corner fireplace ideas use gas fuel to light up the fire. A see-through glass provides a focal point to the living room. You can combine the table-top fireplace with stone table and wood frame.

22. Above-mantel graphics and stacked stone surround to enhance your living room

corner electric fireplace

Feel the cozy nuance of a small living room with this tiny fireplace. The traditional wood hearth looks inviting with nicely stacked-stone surround and crown molding mantel.

A catchy ornament above the fireplace is presented by a wall graphic with an inspiring quote. You can also add ornament candles to add decoration into the interior.

23. A large mirror above wood-burning hearth as a focal point

corner fireplaces design

Do you have a living room with Moroccan style? Then you need to find a suitable fireplace to spread warmth and define the interior. Take a close look at this fireplace with Moroccan style. The crown molding looks inviting and creates a perfect unification with entire room elements.

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Another thing that catches your attention is the classic large mirror with ornamented frame. A pair of large candles also elevate the room appearance.

24. Fireplace with French style to bring cozy ambiance

corner fireplaces

There is nothing better to make a bold statement than a French-style fireplace. Coming with a sleek design, this fireplace employs above-mantel TV to add amusement to the room. This can be a great idea for corner entertainment centers with fireplace.

The French-style interior looks inviting with subtle wall paint color. For a small living room, this design idea is so savvy that it bounces a larger feeling.

25. Farmhouse wood-burning fireplace with wood chunks storage

corner fireplace decor

This farmhouse interior defines your character through all elements it has. But the catchiest look comes from a traditional fireplace with panels. A wood chunks storage beneath the white fireplace optimizes its functions.

An indoor fireplace is not merely a feature to add warmth but also to add value to any space. Corner fireplace ideas are all you need to optimize every inch of the house. Coming with a variety of designs, choose the right one to it does not become underutilized.

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