Bay Window Ideas

Don’t you even dare to abandon the design of bay window ideas, unless you intentionally want to make your home less attractive and less functional?

Even though some people think it is an old fashion spot to be decorated, turns out can bring a new level of functionality in an aesthetic way.


Best Small and Large Bay Window Ideas

small bay window

At the very beginning, maybe you will find confusion on finding the best way to mix and match the curtain, window, furniture, or any other details. But don’t worry because you are on the right page. There are so many ideas down below which worth trying.

1. Bay window curtains: elevate the classic looks

bay window decoration

“Old but gold” maybe can represent the usage of curtains for your perfect bay window ideas. It may look simple and ubiquitous, but the right curtains will spice up your window. There are several things to consider before you choose it.

Full-length curtains fit best if your window has no sill. Slightly longer than the window also can elevate the sense of luxury. The variety of pleat also determines how the curtains will drape. Choose pencil pleat for rustic vintage looks or pinch pleat if you prefer solemn looks

2. The mighty tiny bay window curtain rod

bay window roof

Even though it is tiny and a little bit covered by the curtains itself, but the mighty and fashionable rod contributes to the significant detail for your entire bay window ideas. A metal rod with lavish finials is really suitable for square-shaped.

3. Your perfect spot to lounge: bay window seat

bay window decorating ideas

After a super tiring day on your workplace or school, it makes sense if you demand a private special spot to a lounge where offers the best view of your backyard patio or just outside scenery. Place a couch or sofa and add some pillows which offer tender and comfortable foams.

Pay attention to the colors, texture, or patterns of fabric and make sure it ties in with the design of your whole room.

4. How to maintain the bay window treatment

bay window seating

Bring the freshness of natural outdoor view inside your home through woven wood shades for your bay window ideas. Whether your preference is casual or a little bit more formal design, it still gets along without ruining your existence taste of design.

Want to classical touch? Consider Roman shades into your bucket list of home renovations that may be the best option. Especially if you are into with contemporary design yet still structured and no too much knick-knacks.

5. Relaxation time begins with a bay window bench

bay window sizes

Who says that a convenient personal bench can’t go along with multifunction furniture? When you have limited space in your room, a bench at the bay window ideas which can be functioned as hidden storage is a dazzling idea.

Don’t forget to add extra fluffy stuff like a doll, pillow, or adorable blanket to boost your favorite spot to relax.

6. Kitchen bay window: decorating the heart of the home

what is a bay window

The kitchen is not merely about cooking. Throughout the existence of kitchen island, we can use it into a place where every family member is comfortable enough having breakfast there and casually communicating with each other before starting a busy day.

The kitchen bay window ideas which well designed is really helpful as the ultimate natural lighting resources and freshen the ambiance because of the outside view. Make a better kitchen can be as easy as that.

7. Customized bay window blinds ideas

bay window crossword

Making a bay window ideas means you have to deal with a larger window than average size. Since it doesn’t follow the common measurement, that is why it is a little bit hard to find blinds that fit with your bay window ideas. A customized one is an answer.

Various ideas are available. If you love the ideas of conventional looks which offers orderly element every time you lower down the blinds, then choose roman blinds. But if you seek the functionality which can control the privacy and sunlight, vertical blinds are better.

8. How much does it cost: bay window prices

bay window treatment ideas

If you are trapped with the enchantment of bay window ideas and want to have it so bad, probably the biggest question is, “how much does it cost?”. Well, it may vary depending on the contractor, material, or any other factor.

Commonly, for medium size and vinyl as basic material will be charged around $1150 – $3550. The additional installation, technician, or labor, you have to add it up until $300 – $500.

9. Bay window cushions

bay window vs bow window

Seating foam for comfy cushions spot is essential to be discussed. Not only about soft and light but also the size and quality. At least, it has to be big enough to cover your body. Not to mention, durable and high-quality material will determine how pleased your cushions are.

10. Bay window vs bow window: which side are you on

bay window seat cushions

It has been a big perplexity to distinguish between the bay window and bow window. If you see a compound of three windows (or it can be more) with the angle is outside the exterior wall, then it must be a bay window ideas

On the opposite, even though it has the same windows where beyond the exterior wall but extended into four until six windows. Usually larger than the bay window and highly possible to maximize the space as a hanging spot since the curve of the arch is bigger.

11. Guess the bay window crossword clue

bay window cost

When you find out the term bay window ideas on crossword games, probably the first thing you look after is the clue that well represents the meaning of the bay window ideas itself.

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Whether you are a design enthusiast or a crossword expert, you have to know that the bay window ideas always related to kitchen protrusion or ORIEL.

12. Astonishing bay window treatment ideas

box bay window

Who can resist the idea of making a glorious design until it blows your guest’s mind? Decorating bay window treatment can happen as long as you have tons out of the box ideas.

First, you can apply a natural element like bamboo or rattan. Providing soothing effect from nature never goes wrong, especially in a place where quiet and calm is needed.

If you have kids and want to liven up the room with fun and playful ambiance, choose patterned shade instead.

13. Still, confuse? This is “what is a bay window” in a nutshell

bay window cushions

Not everyone is familiar with the concept of maximizing the space around the window. Or maybe already familiar but feels useless. Either way, we want to present to you why maximizing the bay window offers big leverage for the sake of your home.

Having a bay window means you are letting the ambiance and delight vibes from your outside view into your room. Not only it is an eye-pleasing scenery but also proven as mood booster in your best and worst day. Nothing is better than a home where is healthy for the psychological side.

Nonetheless, it makes your room into eco-friendly and less energy waste since you don’t need too many lamps. Bay window ideas are good to be used as natural lighting resources.

14. The standard measurement for bay window size

bay window prices

Considering the big good impact of having a bay window, it has to be a standard measurement. Of course, there are various elements to think: how big your home is, budget limitation, privacy, and security. But normally, it takes 36”–72” length and 24”-48” width.

15. Establish a comfy Types of Bay Windows seating

bay window blinds

One of the essences of having a bay window is making a comfortable seating place with greenery scenery view from outside. That is why, choosing the best couch, sofa, or just foam is the ultimate thing.

An extravagant bay window seating can be begun by the ideas of extending outwards into inside the room. What type the view of your outdoor? Is it a fully natural scenery, fancy backyard patio, or playground with a grass floor? Use that look to be your bay window ideas.

Another note is, evaluate the function. Is it for relaxation spot to sip the afternoon tea, special view in the kitchen, or part of your home office? If you demand a peaceful ambiance, choose a neutral warm color. Otherwise, you can pick a bright color for the detail if it is in a playful room.

16. Types of Bay Windows decorating ideas

kitchen bay window

The combination of bold patterns and rich color can establish mind-blowing bay window ideas for your contemporary home. Moreover, a bay window is always related to bringing the focal point of your nook into another level.

The groundbreaking element is not always about the technique of doing mix and matches both color or pattern. The way you apply furniture will determine the entire look of your bay window. Show your taste through fully custom furniture by making DIY multipurpose furniture.

17. Level up your skill: Types of Bay Windows roof

bay window bench

Even though it is attractive and useful at the same time, but it doesn’t always be conventional, boring, or old fashion. Instead of applying a bay window in the living room or any other mainstream place, you can explore more by implementing a bay window roof.

Since it brings the focal point inside your home, it has to be special and unique as well. The leverage of popping out from the exterior wall and the curve line offers the interesting dimensional effect that catches so much attention. Fortunately, we have plenty of options for these ideas.

You can use a premium grade of the wooden element which feels more natural yet still interesting. The combination of wood big glass and clean ornament offer a “cooling sensation” without too many confusing details.

Following the current trend, the demand for metal elements has increased significantly. Have the point plus which can shed the excessive water from the outside, it can protect the moisture inside. Also, the wide range of color variations will never let you down.

18. Maximize the potential of  Types of Bay Windows decoration

bay window treatments

Besides the illumination function, having a sunny nook is always boosting the architecture and your mood as well. There are numerous ways to elevate this space. All you have to consider is the purpose of having a bay window, the entire design of the home, and color and furniture combination.

Blue ocean or Tosca can be a variation besides the dominant monochrome color. Combine it with silk curtain, soft and fluffy armchair alongside with pillows and doll. The alternative is, you can put the eye-catching element like chandelier or rug over off-white bay window ideas.

19. Have enough space? A small Types of Bay Windows is a solution

bay window seat

Not every homeowner is lucky enough to have a big house where they can enjoy a large open window. If you are one of them, I can understand your desperate every time you want to place furniture but it just doesn’t look right.

First, the easiest tip is, you can mount a mirror in proportional size underneath your small window and above the drawer. Add long panels or curtains from above the window until the floor. As conjunction, candlelight or lamp at the center of the dresser will harmonize the design.

20. Efficiently using large Types of Bay Windows

bay window curtain rod

Probably you believe that large space means you have nothing to deal with. Otherwise, it seems like everyone wishes, right? Turns out, sometimes people don’t use it properly and tend to leave the remaining space empty.

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You can personally choose the furniture or ornament you like, but make sure it doesn’t ruin your view from the window itself. Because the focal point of having a bay window is not through the lavish things you put, but how you enjoy the scenery from your favorite place.

Then, comfy is important. Since you have a big space, means you have enough room to put extra foam or a big couch. Make sure you will feel happy to spend as long as possible there.

21. Types of Bay Windows decor that fits best for your room

bay window curtains

The thing to remember is, window or any other source of light is essential for balance and communicate the statement of your personal taste. That is why make it as personal as possible through the most appropriate décor makes your message is bold.

Deciding the best decor can be started by picking the materials first. Most likely, people tend to choose either vinyl or wood. Aluminum also possible if you want to have low maintenance stuff.

Well, is it illuminating you to renovate your bay window ideas?

Before pointing fingers on one of the designs above, discuss it with your technician or contractor who knows your home constructions and able to objectively assess the best design for you. Happy renovating!

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