Wall Covering Ideas

Wall covering ideas come in a variety of options. Wall covering becomes one of the most effective ways to upgrade your room interior. It is not a surprise that many people, including you, try to find inspiring references to wall covering.

When it comes to wall covering options, several choices are available. You may opt for tile wood covering to evoke modern nuance. Or else, cork wall covering ideas provides a distinctive look to your interior. Interestingly, wall covering ideas is good to apply for any room including living room, bedroom, and kitchen.


Cheap and Unique Wall Covering Ideas to Revamp Room Interior

It is argued that the wall is the largest part of a house. The wall easily catches attention, thus you need to find the right wall covering ideas that supports the entire interior elements. If you have a plan to revamp the interior with brand new wall covering, get ready for inspirations below!

1. Beachy wallpaper to bring refreshment

cubicle wall covering
Source: acetablets.co

Coastal nuance can bring refreshment to your interior. This beachy wallpaper looks appealing as it brings the freshness of the beach. Interestingly, this wallpaper can be a great choice for any room, such as living room, bedroom, or kid’s room.

To create harmony, choose upholstery with beachy nuance. You can also get furniture pieces that combine white and blue color scheme to upgrade the interior appearance.

2. Wall art in white bricks look marvelous

grasscloth wall covering
Source: satoshisays.co

Are you an artsy person? Then you need to add an artistic touch into the room. When it comes to wall coverings, white bricks can be a giant canvas to express your creativity.

This covering idea is one of a kind. Wall art in the white brick wall makes a bold statement. Set a theme and let creativity lead you. This artistic piece can be a great enhancement for a living room or bedroom.

3. Tiles make a modern appearance

acoustic wall covering
Source: dynamicsofhope.com

Tile makes a perfect choice for a modern wall covering ideas. This material has been popular over decades ago, offering plenty of patterns to evoke nuance as you desire. It is good to know that tile wall covering ideas suit for any room, including the bathroom.

Take a deep look at this bathroom design with tile wall covering. The earth-tone wall evokes warm nuance to the bathroom. The presence of tile flooring also emphasizes the modern nuance it adopts.

4. Creative wainscoting to create contemporary wall covering

cubicle wall covering
Source: camilociprian.co

Wainscoting has been long used to enhance the wall. As time goes by, wainscoting becomes more various and creative, just like the following wall covering ideas.

Upgrade your contemporary space with creative wainscoting wall covering. The lines look dimensional that brings your interior to the next level. This works well for kitchen, living room, or even bedroom. Don’t forget the appropriate lighting ideas to emphasize contemporary flair.

5. Recycled plank shiplap wall for a rustic look

fabric wall coverings
Source: blacknovak.co

You can always go for a rustic style. The concept that is characterized by old and wears appearance can bring a new definition to any space.

Anytime you are interested in rustic interior, recycled planks are ready to cover the wall. This covering idea offers an intriguing shiplap look. To boost up the interior, you can always employ rustic pieces such as table lamp or coffee table.

6. Plaster wall covering with an artistic mural

commercial kitchen wall covering, waterproof wall covering
Source: prous.co

Plaster wall is the safest covering idea. If you don’t want to take a risk, this wallcovering with cold-tone offer cozy and tranquil ambiance to space.

Given that plaster covering can be too plain and boring, you can enhance the interior by giving a bit touch of art. Mural provides an artistic nuance to your plaster wall covering. You can embrace the natural concept by painting tree mural for temporary wall covering ideas

7. Unusual wall covering for an interior upgrade

textured wall covering
Source: elevatechurch.co

If you are a type of person who doesn’t like to follow the mainstream, unusual wall covering ideas are good for you. This wall covering makes a bold statement to your interior with its flashy grey surface.

Unique wall covering ideas can be an upgrade for any space, including your bathroom. Enjoy soaking your body in a bathtub while indulging your eyes with this flashy wall covering.

8. Wood pallets offer amazing wall covering

plastic wall covering
Source: esmeraldaxtreme.co

How to make your interior looks amazing? Give an upgrade to the wall is one among the easiest ways to do. Wood pallets become a material that helps realize your dream of having a catchy wall.

Wood pallets are great for farmhouse concept. It can be combined with marble flooring to please your eyes. In a condition that the wall covering ideas is intended for the living room, you can also install a fireplace feature.

9. Rustic wood wall covering to add colors and textures

metal wall covering
Source: kampanyadeposu.com

Do you find that choosing wall ornament is overwhelming? Take the following rustic wall covering ideas into your consideration and you don’t need to think about wall ornament any longer.

The following wall covering ideas provide an attractive texture and dimensional look. The rustic wall looks contrast with beige the white wall and ceiling. This can be a nice focal point in any room.

10. White bricks covering with wood plank door

bamboo wall covering
Source: visiontotal.co

An industrial style is well-presented in this white bricks covering. It does not take too much effort to get this nice appearance as you only need to paint the bricks. Wood plank doors that offer farmhouse style looks contrast with white brick walls.

Express your thought with wall graphics. Choose your favorite quote and let your guests know what on your mind is. In the picture, you can also spot decorative rail lighting that offers enhancement to the room.

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11. Add contemporary flair with large grey tile wall covering ideas

cork wall covering
Source: digsdigs.com

Combining two styles in a space can be attractive. This living room unifies contemporary and classic style at the same time. Wall covering takes a major contribution to emphasize contemporary look while lighting and decorative pieces provide classic nuance.

The large tile wall covering adds textural look, allowing you to leave the wall without any ornaments. If you need something practical, this covering idea is surely for you.

12. Textural wall covering to add dimensional view

wood wall covering
Source: mcsweeney.co

What if a plain wall does not come to your preference? Here comes a savvy solution to upgrade your living room wall. This covering idea looks fascinating to your modern space.

White textural living room wall makes a bold statement. Combine the following modern wall covering ideas with unique lighting and futuristic sofa. To create a dramatic look, you can rely on recessed lighting.

13. Subway tiles with Moroccan ornament for adorable backsplash covering

vinyl wall covering
Source: i.pinimg.com

Who says wall covering is only for wide walls? You can also enhance the wall though it comes in narrow space, just like this backsplash. These kitchen wall covering ideas are versatile to protect your backsplash wall from water splash, oil, and debris as tiles are waterproof.

You can choose either to leave the subway tile or decorated. To elevate the value, this backsplash tile is upgraded with Moroccan tile ornament that offers an inviting look. With this covering, a simple wipe can clean your backsplash wall.

14. Wood plank walls offer dimensional look for farmhouse

brick wall covering ideas
Source: asroy.info

Let the rustic nuance burst into your room with this wall covering. Rustic wall covering ideas with distressed wood planks define the rustic style that you adopt. Industrial lighting makes a bold statement of rustic design.

Wood planks are great wall covering that it works best for any room. Either small or wide walls, wood planks can emphasize the rustic style. Choose the right plank size according to the wall size.

15. Red metallic wall covering to bold your statement

concrete wall covering ideas
Source: diy.sndimg.com

Do you feel daring? Express your character and feeling through home decoration. Choosing the right wall covering is the best way to show who you are.

This inviting wall idea embraces red metallic covering that evokes sexy and daring look. There are various materials to give you a metallic accent such as wallpaper and fabric covering. Choose one that suits your budget and preferences.

16. White shiplap wall covering for farmhouse concept

rustic wall covering ideas
Source: houseologie.com

If you wish to have a room with a warm atmosphere and tranquility, farmhouse covering with shiplap wall is worth the effort. The wood wall covering uses wood planks that are painted in white. It looks attractive though you leave it plain.

17. Twill fabric covering looks inviting

temporary wall covering ideas
Source: diy.sndimg.com

The idea of a fabric wall covering applies to any room. When wood covering can be overwhelming during the installation, fabric covering offers eases that you need.

Twill fabric as a textured wall covering looks inviting. You don’t need to deal with flashy wall ornaments as the texture of twill fabric is already fabulous. Earth-tone twill can be a nice addition to any styles.

18. Wall covering with glitter for a sparkling focal point

kitchen wall covering ideas
Source: trendir.com

Let the sparkles talk! Sparkling and glittering wall brings your interior to the next level. This is how to get the best out of your living room.

The sparkling wall looks flashy within a dark interior. The small fireplace allows you to enjoy the lively nuance in a cozy ambiance. Don’t think this covering idea goes too far as it makes a perfect enhancement to your space.

19. Wood parquet for outstanding wall coverings

bathroom wall covering ideas
Source: i.pinimg.com

Wood parquet is common for flooring. Why don’t you give it a new definition by installing the wood parquet on the wall? This is a challenging project, but the result is worth your effort.

A wood parquet wall is suitable to decorate a farmhouse or classic interior design. But a modern interior can also accommodate this wall covering. Combined with appropriate lighting, this idea looks marvelous.

20. Adorable interior with unique wall covering

unique wall covering ideas
Source: digsdigs.com

Choosing the right wall covering can be challenging. You need to opt for a covering idea that suits best with the entire elements that exist inside the room.

Is there any universal covering idea that works for any style? Take a look at this inspiring idea and you will know this is the one for you. The adorable wall covering comes in a unique look. You can set the theme to adjust the style according to your interior.

21. Create a shabby chic look with wood plank covering

garage wall covering ideas
Source: i.pinimg.com

Wood planks are a versatile covering. Unexpectedly, it can be transformed into any style. Either you come with modern, minimalist, or rustic design, wood planks serve you best.

Shabby chic is one of the concepts that can be created through wood plank covering. Paint the planks and create old and wear nuance to emphasize the shabby chic style.

22. Stacked wood wall covering is one of a kind

wall coverings
Source: alexvandenbroek.info

An artsy stacked wood wall covering is a way to elevate the value of your interior. Stacked wood creates a dimensional and textural appearance. Having this wall covering, you don’t need to add any wall ornaments ever!

23. The fabric covering for warm and intriguing wall

interior cinder block wall covering
Source: designspring.co

Do you need a practical choice? Opt for fabric wall coverings. This covering idea offers easy installation and low maintenance. Foremost, it provides plenty of designs and patterns.

This fabric covering with a catchy pattern is going to define your room. The fabric coverings create a dimensional look that makes it worth the consideration.

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24. Vinyl wall covering is so charming and affordable

cheap wall covering ideas for bad walls
Source: alpadisa.info

Vinyl wallpaper is arguably the most popular wall covering. Easy installation and various patterns enable you to adjust with the interior design. Vinyl wallpaper with stripes in subtle color can make a great addition to the living room. It can also evoke a cozy atmosphere to your bedroom.

25. Rustic wood plank covering in classic red

wall covering options
Source: iml-conference.org

This mid-century wall idea takes you back to the old time. Rustic wood plank in classic red reflects your daring and distinct character. The presence of antique lighting elevates the value of this interior.

Wall covering is not only about decoration but also feeling. The right choice of wall covering ideas enables you to gain a satisfying feeling when dwelling the space.

There are lots of wall covering ideas to express your feelings and characters. Though it may sound simple, opting for the best covering idea requires deep consideration. Choose one that emphasizes the style that you bring into the interior.

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