Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

If you are confused about where to look for teen girl bedroom ideas, then this article will inspire you to create one. We can help you portray what your teen will lovely to have in her bedroom especially through their perspective.

Even though decorating girl teen bedroom is not as easy as decorating kids bedroom, there are some tricks to make the bedroom portrays your teen’s personality.


Best Cool and Simple Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

A teen has a distinct point of view of a bedroom compared to an adult. For teens, their bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It is also a place where they can run away from the world of rules and demands from adults.

There are some places for teens to express themselves freely. One of the places in the bedroom. In here, you’ll see a lot of inspirations to décor and arrange teen girl bedroom ideas.

1. Teen Girls Bedroom Sets

teen girl bedroom stuff
Source: Pinterest.com

One of the greatest things to decor teen girls bedroom is to make it more colorful, yet functional. You can put bedding, white furniture, and accessories as well as a chic splash from the teal wall paint. To create a functional and stylish design, a wall-mounted flat-screen TV can be a great idea.

2. Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas Teenage Girl

teen girl bedroom ideas teenage girls blue

Source: Pinterest.comOne of the good ideas to display your teen’s memorable postcards, photos, or maybe paper memorabilia is by having a net that has interlocking ribbons that will be attached to the wall of the bedroom.

It can also be a space for placing art that your teen likes. If your teen’s mood changes, that wall can be redecorate based on the taste or style anyway she wants.

3. Teen Girl Bedroom Themes

teen girl bedroom stuff
Source: Apartmenttherapy.com

One of the easiest ways to portray beautiful teen girls bedroom ideas is by setting a theme. You can try choosing a glamorous theme applied in a white wall painting and install ceiling decals. It can be an elegant, yet chic that is appropriate for a girl teen.

4. Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

teen girl bedroom ideas teenage girls blue
Source: HGTV.com

Other teen girl bedroom ideas are by applying a cozy and pretty cottage style for a small room and choosing soft pastel color for the wall painting. This theme will surely make a small room looks more spacious. You can also put a desk area which is also a makeup vanity and a mix of gingham and floral fabrics.

5. Teen Girls Bedroom Idea

how to decorate a teen girls bedroom
Source: Thespruce.co

Have you ever thought of a bohemian theme for your teen’s bedroom? A bohemian theme can be very suitable for those who have a feminine and free-spirit personality.

You can put the bedroom’s headboard in bold patterns, bedding and pillows mix with a wall accent of weathered stone and also an old nightstand of stair-step as the teen girl bedroom ideas.

6. Pottery Barn Teen Girls Bedroom

pinterest teen girl bedroom
Source: Popsugar.com

If your teen likes Pottery Barn style, then you can try this look for her bedroom. You can choose a floral and white bedding set and hang a big floral painting as a decent touch to the room. A white lamp and a small bedside will add magic to the room as well.

7. Small Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas

bedroom colors for teen girls
Source: Familyhandyman.com

Are you worried that your teen’s small bedroom will not be pretty?

Try to maximize a functional space into this glamorous bedroom that has small drawers for putting your teen’s stuff. The white, fur carpet can be also her space for reading or studying.

8. DIY Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

teen girl bedroom pictures
Source: Decoist.com

A ladder can be a space saver in your teen’s bedroom. You can try to do a DIY project with your teen to turn your old, unused ladder into a bookshelf to put your teen’s favorite books. It can be also a beautiful decoration in the room as one of the greatest teen girl bedroom ideas.

9. Teen Girls Bedroom Accessories

teen girl bedroom images
Source: Goodchristianbitches.com

If you are looking for other teen girl bedroom ideas, then you should try having gallery walls for your teen’s bedroom.

She can choose the picture she wants and you can help her pick the matching frames with the theme of the bedroom or the wall painting. This wall gallery will surely help make the bedroom more spacious and showing a special touch from your teen’s personality.

10. Vanity Girl Teen Bedroom Ideas

bedroom decor for teen girls
Source: HGTV.com

In order to have a center of attention in the bedroom, you can add a pop-up color to a neutral space of the bedroom by painting your teen’s bedroom with a bold, bright color like pink magenta.

This will surely make the bedroom becomes the centerpiece of the bedroom. You can also choose another thing like a closet or makeup vanity with a bright color.

11. Teen Girl Bedroom Design Ideas

girls teen bedroom ideas
Source: Zaxue.net

If your teen doesn’t like having too many kinds of stuff or bright color, then a simple, cozy, and soft theme will be the right choice. This bedroom doesn’t put any big, intricate pattern and color stuff. It only has a romantic cozy bed canopy and beautiful chandelier light that can inspire you.

12. Teen Girl Bedroom Paint Ideas

bedroom themes for teen girls
Source: Architecturaldigest.com

One of the beautiful teen girl bedroom ideas is applying a bright yellow color to make the personality comes out more.

Paint the bedroom with only around the third portion of the walls, then trying in accent colors to the wall décor, curtains, and bedding. Floral wallpaper can be a beautiful choice too for making the bedroom feels more relaxing.

13. Teen Bedroom for Girls

decorate teen girls bedroom
Source: HGTV.com

This cheerful, modern teen bedroom is suitable for teens of all ages. It is designed beautifully with several zones that will make your daughter feel comfortable and relax. There are lounging, sleeping, and studying zones in one room with a simple and elegant theme.

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14. Teen Girl Bedroom Furniture

cool teen girl bedroom
Source: Idealhome.co.uk

In order to pick the right furniture for your teen girl bedroom ideas, you can choose a French Victorian mirror. There is also a matching wire dress too that can make the room looks more sophisticated. This furniture is perfect for eclectic teen, especially who likes blue color.

15. Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover

teen girl bedroom decor ideas
Source: HGTV.com

Do you want to do a makeover to your teen girl bedroom ideas?

Then you can try this stylish and functional bedroom that mix copious storage space and wall-length desk as well as accent furniture in pastel color. This bedroom is totally functional and stylish and also brings more color with the muted carpet and vintage white walls.

16. Teen Girl Bedroom Colors

simple teen girl bedroom ideas
Source: Alittlebirdie.co

Mixing with pink and grey, this bedroom is perfectly designed with growth in mind. This room keeps important elements including built-ins, wall color, flooring, and others in a neutral grey color. Meanwhile, pink color adds the center of attention to the room to make the bedroom’s style never gets old.

17. DIY Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

teen girl bedroom decorating ideas
Source: Decoratorist.com

A DIY canopy with beautiful lights will surely make the bedroom even prettier. You can do this step-by-step tutorial with your teen, so she can help you with what she wants with the design. Don’t forget to add Tumblr lights to make it dreamy.

18. Teen Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas

diy teen girl bedroom ideas
Source: Vondells.com

Have you ever thought about lilac as teen girl bedroom ideas? Then, you should try designing your teen’s bedroom with strong grey hardwood floors and lilac walls mix with beautiful upcycled and gold furniture. It will make the room more elegant and give shabby chic and feminine vibe.

19. Simple Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

teen girl bedroom colors
Source: HGTV.com

The next teen girl bedroom ideas are applying old Hollywood theme and bring vintage furniture to the room. By placing an old bedside table, gold accents, and plush bedding, it is a heaven on earth for the teen who loves old Hollywood theme. You can also put a big picture of Audrey Hepburn for an iconic accent.

20. Teen Girl Bedroom Decor Ideas

teen girl bedroom makeover
Source: Elledecor.com

For having a teen bedroom that looks like a designer’s work, you can opt for a simple palette of color consists of three up to four neutral colors and a single, pop up a color that is eye-catching pink green.

Add a center of attention furniture with trendy, bold pattern and comfortable texture like knits, faux fur, and cotton as teen girl bedroom ideas.

21. Cool Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

teen girl bedroom furniture
Source: Thespruce.com

Create a cool teen girl bedroom by having a comfortable corner with a cozy pillow and seat. It can be a great place to day-dream, read, and write. The sweet lights and hammock can be the perfect touch to the room too.

22. Decorate Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas

teen bedroom for girls
Source: Homesfeed.com

You can create an area for taking a fast nap, reading the favorite novel, or just longing in your teen’s bedroom. It is trending decoration nowadays. You can ask a suggestion from your daughter about the theme and the lounge design she wants.

23. Bedroom Themes for Teen Girls

teen girl bedroom paint ideas
Source: Decozilla.com

The next one is to decorate the teen’s room with a princess theme. The pink color of the room will be perfect with a pretty floral feature wall and boldly patterned fabrics. It makes whoever sleeps here feels like a princess.

24. Girls Teen Bedroom Ideas

teen girl bedroom design ideas
Source: Pinkpeppermintdesign.com

Does your daughter like wearing preppy clothes?

Then why doesn’t it inspire you to bring it to her bedroom’s theme with one or two saturated colors like navy blue and deep magenta?

You can also put everything together with accent furniture and white-bordered bedding in a cheerful chevron print.

25. Bedroom Decor for Teen Girls

girl teen bedroom ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Bring one of the best memories of you and your daughter when you went to the beach. Give a try to bring furniture with a chic coastal look. Choose color palettes that have blue and green to make the room more relaxing and bring the beach vibe.

26. Teen Girls Bedroom Images

teen girl bedroom accessories
Source: Pinterest.com

When you choose black as the wall painting and you do it perfectly, it will be the greatest statement you can put in your Girl’s bedroom ideas as her sleep space.

The tip is you only need to paint black color on one wall only and paint the rest of the wall with white color. Then, you can fill the bedroom with décor that is colorful and has pretty textures and patterns.

27. Teen Girls Bedroom Pictures

diy teen girl bedroom
Source: Pinterest.com

With white wallpaper, a tufted platform bed that is feminine, the ad also a hot pink and silver decor, this look can be the next inspiration for your teen’s bedroom. It is definitely the hot item theme that brings glamour to the room. It is perfect for teens that have a great fashion style.

28. Bedroom Colors for Teen Girls

small teen girl bedroom ideas
Source: Glamorousbedroomdesign.com

Curtains that are in butter yellow can be a beautiful complement to simple, soft grey floral wallpaper. You can apply this theme for your teen that has a calm personality. Throw pillows and blanket can add layers of color and pattern.

29. Pinterest Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas

pottery barn teen girl bedroom
Source: Oarsoft.com

One of the Pinterest bedrooms looks that are suitable for a teen is by having an ornate metal headboard with green color domination. The headboard is a beautiful backdrop to plush green throw and pretty bedspread.

30. How to Decorate a Teen Girls Bedroom

teen girl bedroom idea
Source: HGTV.com

The next one is bringing aqua and coral color palette to the room. They are lovely colors for Girls’ bedroom ideas. You can choose the coral color for the dresser and aqua color for the bed headboard.

31. Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas Teenage Girls Blue

teen girl bedroom ideas for small rooms
Source: Labway.com

If your teen likes blue, then you can apply this color palette to create a cozy, fun bedroom for her. Order a bed set that is dominated by white and blue to make the bedrooms feel cleaner and spacious. Display your teen’s favorite novel and pictures to be the accent.

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32. Teen Girl Bedroom Stuff

teen girl bedroom themes
Source: Idealhome.com

Take a look at these Girl’s bedroom ideas with a simple desk for your teen to study and do a little project. The white chair seems to be a great compliment with a very small bookshelf next to the bed. The choice of the table lamp will bring this bedroom’s theme in a simple way, yet beautiful.

33. Bedroom Curtains for Teen Girl

teen girl bedroom ideas teenage girls
Source: Showgopher.com

This aqua and white colors in the curtains can be the center of attention of the room. Try to have this in your Girl’s bedroom ideas and she will be glad to have them. Having a match bed sheet will beautify the room too!

34. Teen Girl Bedroom Green

teen girl bedroom sets
Source: Yandex.com

Green is definitely a color that can make anyone in the room calmer and more relaxing. This green wall painting and a simple bed sheet definitely will be the focus of the room. Leave the rest of the stuff in white and you will have a sleek, clean bedroom for teens.

Those are 34 amazing and beautiful teen girl bedroom ideas you can apply

Ask your daughter to do a DIY project together to create the room she wants. Don’t forget to create a dreamy bedroom that suits your budget. I hope it might help!

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