Closet Door Ideas

Closet door ideas can enhance the function and value of your room. Everything in the house comes with a purpose, including your closet. In a condition that you cannot provide the right type of closet door, chances are that you cannot get the best out of it.

What is the consequence of choosing an inappropriate door for your closet? It ranges from difficulties when opening and closing the door to useless closet door. Surely you don’t want this to happen to you. What is the solution? Find the best door ideas for sure!


Types of DIY and Modern Closet Door Ideas to Offer the Best Function

There is a variety of closet door types to opt for. You can choose one that suits best with the closet or with the budget. If you need some inspirations before making a decision, here are 25 closet door ideas to enhance your closet usage!

1. White sliding doors for minimalist closet idea

custom closet doors

Most closets are built in the bedroom. If you decide to decorate the room with minimalist concept, it means the closet should also receive a similar nuance. The white sliding door looks enchanting for your minimalist bedroom and closet idea.

Beauty and harmony are not the only reason to opt for a white sliding door. Using this type of closet door ideas, you can open the closet without effort. It usually comes with a frame and track to allow the doors to slide smoothly.

2. An open closet idea is time-efficient

sliding closet door ideas

If you have a small bedroom with a tiny closet, you may find it is hard to choose the right door. Worry not! You can leave the closet door-less.

An open closet option is time-efficient as you don’t need to open and close the door. Besides, an open closet does not take extra space on the floor. And the most important, it costs you next to zero!

3. Large bi-fold doors for a huge closet

sliding closet door lock

An extra-large closet requires large closet door ideas to cover anything inside of it. When hinged doors and pocket doors are impossible to install, you can opt for large bi-fold doors.

Folding closet doors come with several panels which are connected by hinges. The panels usually come in 2 pairs but it can be adjusted with your closet size. The larger your closet, the more panels you need. Bifold doors are quite practical and space-saving.

4. Bifold doors with a mirror to bounce more light

types of closet doors

A small bedroom requires more creativity. In a condition that you want to enhance the narrow space, bifold door with mirror is what you need to take into account.

Aside from saving floor space, mirrored bifold door helps bounce more light to create a visually larger room. Thanks to the white color scheme that makes your bedroom even brighter.

5. Wooden bypass doors are a space-saver

closet door options

Bypass closet door ideas, also known as sliding door is the most versatile door type to enhance your closet. This wooden bypass closet door is a great space saver, allowing you to hide clothing collections and save floor space at the same time.

As one of the types of closet doors, bypass door does not require any clearance like standard hinged doors. The most important, simply slide the doors to open and close the closet.

6. Standard hinged doors for ample space

3-panel sliding closet doors

Hinged doors are the most usual door type among all. It can be used for any room, including your closet. It typically comes with hinges to enable you to open and close the doors.

The following standard hinged doors are suitable for closet with ample space. You also need to provide clearance when opening the closet door. This door type usually comes with a handle for easier access.

7. Drapery closet door? Why not?

alternative closet door ideas

Do you have a tight budget? The following closet door ideas are all you need to hide clothing collections without breaking your savings. Drapery closet door can be a fascinating replacement to your wooden closet door.

Drapery is far more affordable. It also comes in a variety of designs and patterns, allowing you to choose one that suits the room. Drapery is pretty easy to install, thus you don’t need to involve a builder.

8. Thin hinged doors for small closet

Menards closet doors

Who says hinged doors should come in a large size? Even if you have narrow space, these closet door ideas are applicable. You can adjust the door size according to available space.

The following thin hinged doors are suitable for a small closet. It does not require wide clearance as the door panel comes in small size, too. Two hinges are enough to open and close the door in a smooth movement.

9. White sliding doors with French-style ornament

modern closet doors

For a girl’s bedroom, you can get some French flair by installing white sliding closet door ideas with French-style ornament. The bypass door provides a wide opening, allowing you to grab some clothes or shoes without effort. At the same time, white color scheme bounces more light to your room.

As sliding doors are excellent space saver, you don’t need to worry about floor space. You can place anything you like right in front of or next to the door. As a bonus, how to install sliding closet doors is pretty easy that you can make it a DIY project.

10. Wide hinged doors, remember the clearance

how to install sliding closet doors

Hinged doors with double panels are great closet door ideas. It gives you a wide closet opening so that you are not squeezed when reaching the clothes.

The double closet doors are painted white, giving you clean and minimalist look. Make sure to provide clearance when opening the door.

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11. Door-less closet to display your clothes collections

closet door handles

What do you think about a door-less closet? If you don’t want to be overwhelmed thinking about the right closet door ideas, simply make it door-less! An open closet is time-efficient. Anytime you want to get dressed, grab some clothes and you are ready to go.

Another advantage of having an open closet is it can serve as a showcase of your collections. It can decorate your wall, too!

12. Remove your closet door and get some draperies

DIY closet doors

You may consider wooden or PVC closet doors are too much. You can simplify the interior by referring draperies instead of wooden doors. Draperies can work well to hide your clothing, though.

There is a reason why draperies are worth-choosing. Aside from its easy installation, you can change the draperies anytime you want. Giving new draperies means giving a new decoration to the interior.

13. Metal sliding barn doors idea

wood sliding closet doors

Are you a man who is looking for masculine closet door ideas? Metal sliding barn doors will do. Adopting barn door style, this idea gives a bold statement to your interior.

The sliding barn doors come with an overhead metal track for a smooth slide. Just like bypass door, it works great for your small bedroom.

14. Pocket glass doors with black wooden frame

custom closet doors

In case you have a narrow closet but need a wide opening, pocket doors become an appropriate choice. Pocket doors come with a panel that slides into a small pocket in the wall.

To elevate its value, this door option combines a black wooden frame with frosted glass panel. This door idea makes perfect for minimalist bedroom.

15. Sliding barn door to evoke rustic nuance

closet door track

Sliding barn closet door ideas offer refreshment to your interior. This closet idea looks enchanting in your bedroom. The door panels bring a combination of wood and frosted glass that redefine your interior.

Interestingly, the mirror attached to the panel allows you to check the outfit. You don’t need to run around as body size mirror is already available in your closet.

16. White curtain to keep things out of sight

closet doors ideas

A door is not the only thing to cover your closet. You can go beyond and take advantages from almost anything to keep clothing, shoes, and accessories out of sight.

Curtain and draperies, for instance, can do a great job to cover the closet. Coming with a metal rod, this white curtain makes your interior looks more enchanting. To create eye illusion, mount the rod just right underneath the ceiling.

17. Showcase your clothing collections with door-less closet

closet door knobs

Do you have expensive clothing collections and cannot help to show it off? Rather than installing closet doors, you may need to consider a door-less closet.

The idea of an open closet meets your need for displaying pricey collections. Just make sure to keep your closet well organized. You can arrange by colors or types of clothes. Overhead compartment gives extra storage for a tidy closet.

18. Bifold closet door for wide space

sliding closet door

Bifold closet door ideas can enhance your bedroom. Folding door offers a flexible and wide closet opening that you can freely choose any desired clothes.

This door type is designed with a frame and closet door track to fold the panels. Make sure to empty some space for its clearance when opening the door.

19. Reflect your room with mirror sliding door

barn door closet

Making your closet doors into a mirrored door is a savvy trick to create eye illusion. Framed mirror closet doors can reflect space in front of it, thus your small bedroom feels larger and intriguing.

The concept of sliding door enables you to save space. At the same time, you don’t need to mount an extra mirror as you already have a door-sized mirror to check your outfit.

20. Floor-to-ceiling closet door with open shelving

double closet doors

Custom closet doors are all you need to make a bold statement. If you are a tall person who cannot find the right closet door, consider this floor-to-ceiling closet door ideas.

As the name suggests, the closet door goes up to the ceiling. The closet is customized with open shelving to display your collections. You can also take advantages from this customized closet, thanks to the overhead compartment to offer extra storage.

21. No door, no worry

closet door hardware

Here it comes another idea of bedroom closet with no door. The small closet with minimalist design eliminates the doors, thus it showcases your clothing collections.

If you decide to steal this idea, make sure to keep your closet organized. You also need to ensure the room is dust-free so that your clothes stay clean.

22. Frosted glass sliding door looks modern

bypass closet doors

Frosted glass makes your closet looks inviting! Though it is made of glass, you can hide anything inside the storage. Also, a closet with frosted glass sliding door evokes modern touch to the room.

Do you have a small space issue? Thanks to sliding door that allows you open and close the panel without eating extra on the floor.

23. Hinged closet door with linen to evoke French flair

sliding closet door hardware

Master bathroom usually comes with a closet. Make your bathroom closet more intriguing by installing this hinged closet door ideas. Combining glass and wood material, this hinged closet door looks fascinating.

The use of linen evokes French flair. Also, it keeps your stuff out of sight.

24. Sliding door for practical use

mirror closet doors

It cannot be denied that the sliding door is highly popular for its practicality. For any space with any size, it works well to cover the closet. The door does not take space on your floor, thus it is safe even for narrow room.

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This sliding door idea looks minimalist with a wood grain texture. It makes harmony with laminated wood flooring. A good thing from sliding door is that you can get a wide opening for easier access to the closet.

25. Sliding barn door closet looks enchanting

folding closet doors

Get some rustic feeling with this barn sliding door idea. Distressed wood makes a great addition to the room along with a metal upper track.

The closet idea elevates the value of your bathroom storage. The customized closet is designed with open shelves to keep your collectibles or room decor. You don’t need to worry when locating the closet near the bed as it does not need floor clearance.

Closet door ideas are so various that you can choose one according to your preferences. Each type of door comes with different characteristics that can be adjusted with your closet condition. Make sure to consider not only appearance but also function when choosing closet doors!

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