Half Persian 3-1 Chainmaille Tutorial



Half Persian 3-1 is a good weave for cabochon wraps, among other things. It’s generally considered the ‘easier younger sibling’ to Half Persian 4-1. Half Persian 3-1 can be extended into Half Persian Sheet 5, Half Persian Sheet 6 and GSG.


Half Persian 3-1 takes an AR of around 3.9. It can go a wee bit tighter, but it gets hard to work with. 24awg 5/64″, 22awg 1/8″, 20awg 5/32″, 18swg 3/16″, 16swg 1/4″ work.

Metric sizes – approximately 0.5mm wire/2mm ID; 0.64mm wire/3.2mm ID; 0.8mm wire/4mm ID; 1.2mm wire/4.75mm ID; and 1.6mm wire/6.4mm ID.


New rings are gold and old rings are steel.

Step 1: Close 2 rings and put them on a third. Lay them out so the bottom rings point to the right.

Step 1a: Take the rightmost ring and carefully rotate it, as if you were unscrewing it.

Step 2: Close a ring and put it on an open ring. Pass the open ring up through the 2 bottom rings from the previous step. Make sure it doesn’t go through the top ring from the previous step.

Step 3: Close another ring and put it on an open ring. Pass the open ring through the second and third bottom ring. Make sure it doesn’t go through any of the top rings.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 until the chain is the desired length.

Step 5: When you reach the end of the chain, add an open ring as usual. You don’t need a closed ring for this last one.

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