Captive Inverted Round

Captive Inverted Round is a nice weave for chunky necklaces for guys. In the right AR, it can be a rigid weave for sculptural use. This tutorial assumes you already know how to weave basic Inverted Roundmaille.

In order to be able to fit captive rings in the weave, you need to use rings with a relatively large AR. 20swg 3/16″ rings (AR ~ 6.6) make a chain that fits 3 captives; 18swg 1/4″ rings (AR ~ 5.7) fits 1 -2 captives. Experiment to see what ring size fits your needs the best.

You can capture rings, beads, Barbie doll heads; anything that’ll fit.Metric sizes – approximately 0.8mm wire with a 4.8mm inner diameter for 3 captives; 1.2mm wire with a 6.4mm inner diameter for 1-2 captives.


Inverted Round rings are steel and captive rings are gold.


Captive Inverted Round Of Chain Maille

Step 1: Here you have your starting, 4 cage inverted roundmaille chain. ‘Cages’ are the 3-ring units that form the area where the captive rings will be going.

Step 2: Fold the green end rings back over the rest of the chain. This is like peeling a banana, or a flower opening.

Step 3: Place the closed captive rings in the middle there. In this example, I’m using 2 captive rings. You might only be able to fit 1, or 50, depending on the aspect ratio of the rings.

Step 4: Now fold back over the captive rings, closing the cage.

Step 5: Add another cage, fold over, add captive rings.

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