Wedding Guest List Template

Wedding Guest List Template – Wedding is a very important event once in a lifetime. Hopefully, people can hold such an event usefully. Some people ask for help from a wedding expert. If you are good at management especially at event management, you can organize it by yourself.

Whatever it is, a wedding ceremony must run smoothly and flawlessly. Failure is not an option for such an important event. The guests must be organized well. The food and the drink must be there efficiently. We cannot waste them for anything.

In contrast, we cannot let the lack of them happen. Therefore, the guest list is very crucial to exist. In order to make it clear to check, guest list templates must be created. Of course, you can modify or make one as creatively as you can.

However, even though it looks simple, you cannot take it lightly. It must be taken seriously. Therefore, in order to help you make the best one, this article is written especially for you. There are 20 guest list templates that are expected to be able to inspire you.

They are all actually chosen from thousands of templates around the globe. Therefore, you di not need to doubt their uniqueness and functionality. You can make one by yourself. Nonetheless, experts are ready to lend you a hand every day.

You can make it colorful, vivid, plain, or one-of-a-kind. Some people live colorful things. While some others love vivid things. Other people live plain things. While the rest of the people in the world love plain or fantastic things. Let us check them out then!


1. White Simple Wedding Guest List

wedding guest list organizer template

This template is created on excel software. Therefore, this one belongs to excel wedding guest list templates. The design is really clean and simple. It is created by my sister, Alicia. She is good at excel. This one is her masterpiece.

You can make exactly the same with this one. Another possibility is that you modify it based on your own idea. Yes, you can! Remember Mr. Barack Obama! Yes, we can!

2. Golden Template Combined with White Look

wedding guest invite list template

The designer, Anna Branch creates this template based on the beauty of gold and the cleanness of white color. It is one of wedding guest list excel spreadsheet templates that people love like crazy. There are several separate squares that are designed for each guest.

This is for those who love gold and white. If you are one of those, then this one is the most suitable template for you. You can make it in less than 15 minutes.

3. Green is always Amazing

wedding guest list organizer template

You can actually download this template and then print it out. This amazing template is one of printable wedding guest list templates. Green is terrific. Many people love light green. Therefore, this particular one is made with a light green color.

A little graphical ornament on the top balances the simple look. You can add some more ornament graphically onto this template.

4. Black and White Inspire the World

wedding guest invite list template

My father, Andrew makes this one with the spirit of Zen. It must be clean, clear, simple, and nice. This one is one of wedding guest list template excel ideas. The black and white colors are able to inspire every person on earth.

The contrast looks thick and firm. The font is not Times New Roman. It is something else. My father designs it with divine inspiration.

5. Yellow Gives You the Energy

wedding shower guest list template

Everybody wants to know about a great list template. This one is what you are looking for. This belongs to the wedding reception guest list template ideas. The yellowish brown color makes it terrific. The columns are easy to see.

This template is created by my grandfather, Joseph. He likes to make one. Yesterday, my neighbor, Jennice asked for his help to make a nice one.

6. Rose and Golden Watch

sample wedding guest list template

The combination of red roses and the gold watch is unbelievably amazing. wedding planner guest list template ideas. The pink color is very lovely. This is very romantic to have such a template for your wedding ceremony.

The letter is white and red. Those two colors represent love and holiness. Therefore, it is expected to have a long journey od a marriage.

7. Red Line is More than Enough

wedding guest list template software

My bother, Nagato creates this unique template. It belongs to the wedding guest list organizer template ideas. The red line makes the template look simple but firm. You can make it under 10 minutes. You can use your computer or laptop to create this wonderful guest listing template

I like the red line. Red is my favorite color. There is a symbol on the top. It means that the wedding ceremony must be done with love and dignity.

8. Blue is very Amazing

best wedding guest list template

This one is made by my lecturer, Steven. He likes blue. It gives you the energy of the water. It is really easy to read the list. Therefore, this belongs to the wedding guest list excel template mac ideas. The template uses light blue and dark blue.

The columns are made perfectly and neatly. You can make it on your laptop or PC. In addition, you can download it for free and then print it out from your printer.

9. The Style of High School Design

wedding planner guest list template

This template is actually a creation of a high school student. Dan Hence, this one belongs to free printable wedding guest list template ideas. It uses greenish blue to give an attractive accent. Not only that, the column is very simple and easy to see.

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It is made due to the fact that his older sister would get married. He tried his best to make one. So, yeah, here it is. You can download it for free

10. Ocean Blue Wedding-Guest Template

wedding guest list excel template mac

This has the power of the ocean. The groom is a sailor, that is why this guest list is created based on inspiration from the blue ocean. It is very awesome. You can feel the ocean is near the wedding ceremony just by looking at the list.

It belongs to wedding guest list excel template ideas. May Poseidon bless the groom and the bride and all the guests.

11. Old-School Font

wedding reception guest list template

The software to make this one is Microsoft Excel. That is why it belongs to wedding guest list template software ideas. In addition, the font is chosen from the group of vintage styles. The groom loves vintage stuff.

Je also likes something simple and white. As you can see that the list is full of white and vintage touch by the font.

12. The Rise of Light Purple

wedding guest list excel spreadsheet template

The creation needs Google to store the data. That is why it belongs to the wedding guest list template google sheets ideas. The key is light purple. The designer, John de Chong wants to add the color as the anniversary of a very famous band. Deep Purple.

However, he wants something a little bit different. Therefore, he chooses light purple instead of the deep one.

13. Another Light Purple Resurrection

wedding guest list template for mac numbers

This was chosen from the best group of light purple. The color is so amazing. This year is the year of the color. The designer, Arita Sakaguchi created it based on sample wedding guest list template ideas. The font is pretty big.

The lines are made thicker than usual. The bride wanted something firm and contrast. It still has the spirit of simplicity.

14. Detail Guest List for Wedding Ceremony

excel wedding guest list template

This one is specially made based on the inspiration of wedding shower guest list template. You can see that there are points that should be fulfilled. A shower is very important. Everybody needs to shower before the wedding ceremony is held.

Regarding the fact, this template is created by a very famous wedding designer, Thomas de Vil. You can see the detail there.

15. Guest List Manager

wedding guest list template pdf

This is the queen of all wedding guest templates. This belongs to the best wedding guest list template ideas. The guest list manager must be clear and detailed. The address of every guest must be stated clearly.

The color of the column is light cream. The subtitle of each column is in purple. It creates a good contrast. The other letters are written in black. Perfect!

16. Deep Blue Sea Inspiration

wedding guest list template google docs

The deep blue sea is very mysterious. It gives inspiration to the best wedding designer in Italy, Franco Ridy. The bride is a marine biologist. Therefore, she wants something marine. She asked for help from him.

You can download it for free because it belongs to free wedding guest list template ideas. It looks beautiful and terrific. Hopefully, Poseidon would come by to drink some wine in the wedding ceremony.

17. Blueish Light Green for a Simple Template

free printable wedding guest list template

The color is very calming and fresh. You can behold it very clearly. The tulip flowers on the left top of the template balance the view. The designer is from Holland, Patrik Van de York. Was inspired by tulips.

Therefore, he tried to bring the nuance of a tulip garden onto the wedding guest list template. All the guests loved this one. They could feel the presence of the flowers in the middle of the ceremony.

18. Dark Green of the Unknown World

wedding guest list excel template

The designer, Alex Morag said that he got an inspiration from the realm of Andromeda alien. He saw dark green that he had never seen before. Then tried to make it real from a human perspective.

The result is spectacular. As you can see that the list is full of dark green. The other color is white. It is able to make the green perfect. Another key that you should remember that the template has very detailed data.

19. The Resurrection of Deep Purple wedding guest list template

free wedding guest list template

The designer is a big fan of the 60s metal band, Deep Purple. His name is Frnacoa Van Bonzo. Every day he listens to the band’s songs. Until one day, he got inspired by the color of the band.

He created a fantastic template with the touch of deep purple color. The result is unbelievably beautiful. It has a little bit of light green accent to balance the contrast. Interestingly, you can download it for free.

20. The Red of Vampire Blood Wedding Guest List

wedding guest list template google sheets

It is one of my favorite templates. It has a mysterious red color. The designer of this template is Swedish. His name is Yngwie Manin. He got the inspiration from a vampire movie. Saw the blood everywhere.

Then create it with the memory of the blood from the vampire’s mouth. This design has good detail also. All elements to make a great guest list template are there. The deep grey balances the red and white columns.

21. The Zen of Orange and Deep Red Wedding Guest List

printable wedding guest list template

Zen is very important in human lives. It has positive energy to the mind. The orange and deep red give positive energy to everybody who looks at the list. It was actually the combination of black, white, orange, and deep red.

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The result is fantastic. It is the most attractive wedding guest list template that I have ever seen in my entire life. The designer is from Japan, Masaru Emoto. He is very amazing. Can design a fantastically beautiful design.

22. Pink and Deep Orange Wedding Guest List

wedding guest list template excel

The combination of pink and deep orange create a spectacular look. This one is made based on the order of the Musuzu Clan. The clan will hold a wedding ceremony of its leader’s daughter.

It is absolutely unique. The designer, Manami Oku, is a very talented person. She is able to create amazing guest list templates.

Time to Create One

After reading this article, I hope that you get inspiration. Nonetheless, if you have something else, you can modify it or create the new one. You can get more money from you do it professionally.

The wedding ceremony is held every month in all nations on earth. You can take this chance to make them great guest lists.

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