Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

A bathroom is ideally a place that offers peace and tranquility. It should be a space where you can relax and refresh your body while enjoying me-time. There are a few ways to make your bathroom cozy and functional. One of which is considered replacing your old cabinet with these bathroom cabinet ideas!

Cabinet may sound simple but it takes a major part to decorate your bathroom. Furthermore, its storage function can give you a tidy space. Can’t wait for the inspiration? Keep scrolling!


Give a New Look to Your Bathroom with These Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

Bathroom cabinet comes in a wide array of designs and materials. It may combine wood, metal, and natural stone to optimize its look. Variety of sizes enables you to choose one that suits most with your bathroom space. Check out these favorite bathroom cabinets ideas!

1. Multipurpose gray bathroom cabinet for tiny space

dark bathroom cabinets

In case of a narrow bathroom, employing multipurpose furniture can make a big change. This gray bathroom cabinet idea becomes helpful storage, thanks to several drawers it offers. Drawers in various sizes enable you to store toiletries, towels, and more.

The bathroom vanity comes in a blue color scheme that evokes rustic nuance. It blends with all elements inside the bathroom, though.

2. Enjoy rustic flair with wooden cabinets

narrow bathroom floor cabinet

Wooden cabinets are a great shortcut to the rustic concept. If you have a bathroom with ample space, this cabinet and vanity make a fascinating addition to the room. Blue subway tiles add more color to the room.

The cabinet is designed with a white marble top that creates a clean finish. Plenty of drawers allow you to keep the bathroom clutter-free. Involve real plants to bring freshness into the room.

3. Go vertically to save more space

bathroom vanity with side cabinet

Tall bathroom cabinets are savvy to save space inside your small bathroom. When you cannot go horizontally, go vertically! This subtle-tone cabinet creates a nice bathroom interior, keep the boring plain wall away.

Tall bathroom cabinet ideas come with several racks for your towels and toiletries. Still, need more space? Make use of your cabinet door. You can attach the metal rack to keep your toiletries in place. This tower cabinet can also be a great choice for the master bathroom.

4. Cabinet over the toilet for a mini bathroom

glass bathroom cabinets

The cabinet above the toilet is just perfect for your mini bathroom. While you don’t have other space, it offers convenient. Toilet paper, tissue, and all you need to clean yourself are in reach! Besides, it also comes with a medicine cabinet to maximize the function.

The idea of a white bathroom cabinet creates a clean look to your interior. For any bathroom concept, this versatile bathroom cabinet will do. Interestingly, it can go with any wall color!

5. Contemporary bathroom cabinet with mosaic wall

skinny bathroom cabinet

Do you have a bathroom with a contemporary concept? The following bathroom cabinet ideas offer a contemporary look that you need. Its small size makes the vanity practical for bathroom in any size.

To elevate its appearance, a wall recessed rack serves as versatile storage. But the focal point of the room is a mosaic wall that creates a harmony with the cabinet. The interior indulges your eyes!

6. Wooden bathroom vanity with multi drawers

master bathroom vanity ideas

Storage is not a problem with this wooden bathroom vanity with multi drawers. The marble top vanity enables you to keep towels and toiletries out of sight, thus creating a tidy look to your bathroom. Vertical cabinet adds value to this bathroom piece furthermore.

The key point of bathroom harmony is color choice. Warm tone mosaic tile blends naturally with wooden cabinet and vanity.

7. Sliding bathroom storage, so savvy

hanging bathroom cabinet

Pull out bathroom storage answer space challenge inside your bathroom. The slim bathroom storage cabinet goes up to the ceiling, giving you ample storage for toiletries and personal items.

Black pull out storage is perfect to complement your modern bathroom. Combined with a white marble top, it creates the outstanding monochrome interior. Do not forget the frameless bathroom mirror that creates a visually larger space.

8. Bathroom cabinet with floating sink for small space

small white bathroom cabinet

Tall white bathroom cabinet brings your bathroom to the next level. It defines your elegant character without too much effort. Not only does it improve interior decoration, but also it keeps your bathroom organized.

Bathroom vanity with tower cabinet is suitable tor small or large bathroom. Find the best spot to locate this versatile cabinet.

9. Space-saving marble top wooden vanity in a soft color scheme

bathroom floor storage cabinet

When it comes to the tiny bathroom, you should be able to maximize every inch of it. This space-saving marble top wooden vanity ensures the coziness of your bathroom. Importantly, the cabinet effectively uses the bathroom space. To add more storage, wall mount cabinet with mirror opts.

10. White marble vanity top for master bathroom

tall corner bathroom cabinet

The following master bathroom vanity ideas help redefine your space. Combining wood and marble material, this vanity elevates the value of your bathroom. While marble top looks harmonious with marble backsplash, square mirror with a gray frame performs French country flair to the room.

Drawers and cabinets allow you to keep personal items and toiletries in place. The presence of sconce lighting just brings perfection to the entire element.

11. Rustic bathroom cabinet with timeless round mirror

tall white bathroom cabinet

This is a new way to bring the warmth inside your bathroom. Distressed bathroom cabinet evokes rustic nuance, thus you can feel warmth and coziness in the air. Meanwhile vanity top with glossy finish creates a fabulous contrast to the room.

What’s more? A large round mirror looks timeless. Meanwhile, a real plant adds an attractive detail to your rustic bathroom.

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12. Warm ambiance with rustic bathroom vanity

bathroom medicine cabinet ideas

If you care about bathroom appearance, bathroom cabinet ideas with the rustic concept are worth trying. This black rustic vanity comes with contrast white sink that brings a new sensation. The tall cabinet that goes to the ceiling provides extra storage for your bathroom.

When it comes to rustic, industrial lighting is an element that should be involved. The lighting idea complements your rustic bathroom vanity, at the same time offers a warm ambiance.

13. Wall mount bathroom cabinet for extra storage

floating bathroom cabinets

Talking about bathroom cabinet, it does not always have to be in a big piece. This wall mount cabinet in dark tone comes in a tiny size, creating an attractive wall décor inside your bathroom.

To enhance its aesthetic, mirror with glitter is well added to the furniture piece. This small bathroom cabinet is best placed over the toilet.

14. Minimalist bathroom cabinet with marble top and sink

bathroom towel cabinet

Bathroom cabinet ideas with minimalist cabinet can makeover your room. Unfinished wooden cabinet creates a simple line. But it is a marble top that adds more value to the bathroom.

The cabinet is designed with huge drawers. There is nothing to worry about if you are keeping towels, personal items, even a large number of toiletries.

15. White vanity with bathroom rug looks so sleek

bathroom cabinets ideas

Many people think that the bathroom is not a place for fur rug. Why not? This small white bathroom cabinet makes perfect harmony with a white fur rug, providing sleek and bright nuance to the room.

What makes it better is the presence of double mirrors that lean-to glass separator. Meanwhile distressed wood flooring and walls offer a fantastic rustic touch to the room.

16. Eclectic mirror to perfect small bathroom cabinet

bathroom base cabinets

Sometimes the bathroom cabinet cannot stand alone. It should be perfected with another element to provide an aesthetic touch to a room. Just like this eclectic mirror that complements classy wooden vanity.

The small furniture piece has a marble top that looks matched with marble wall. The presence of chandelier and wall lighting is what you need to define the interior.

17. Cabinet over the sink is so practical

slim bathroom storage cabinet

In the morning, you need something practical. While you don’t have all day to find toothbrush or face wash, this minimalist wall mount cabinet is all you need for a smooth morning. White cabinet over the sink helps you reach toiletries and personal items without too much effort.

Bathroom cabinet ideas with white cabinet and sink turn out minimalist nuance. To avoid the boring plain wall, you can employ textured wall tiles or wallpaper.

18. Slim bathroom cabinet to maximize vertical space

narrow bathroom cabinet

This bathroom floor storage cabinet offers a slim design, enables you to place it almost anywhere. Especially if you have a narrow space issue, the cabinet can relieve your pain.

Tower cabinet provides extra storage to ensure the bathroom’s tidiness. Meanwhile, its white tone offers a clean look to the room. You don’t need anything else when having this adorable cabinet! For any bathroom concept, the cabinet makes a great addition.

19. White gloss bathroom vanity for a modern look

slim bathroom cabinet

Add some shine to your bathroom with this glossy bathroom vanity. The white gloss bathroom base cabinets look awesome in your subway tile bathroom. To support its function, modern wall mount cabinet allows you to reach a variety of personal items with ease.

Even for a small bathroom, the combination of cabinet and vanity creates a refreshing nuance. Thanks to bright tone it brings.

20. Wood and glass bathroom cabinet provide unique nuance

custom bathroom cabinets

Get the best out of the wall! This best represents the bathroom cabinet ideas with minimalist design. The floating cabinet combines wood and glass, providing unique nuance into the room.

Glass bathroom cabinets ideas help reflect anything in front of it, creating visually larger space in your narrow bathroom. At the same time, unfinished wooden cabinet serves rustic-minimalist flair that looks warm and cozy.

21. Marble top wooden vanity with double sink

18 inch vanity

Wood and marble are two natural materials with powerful effect to makeover your bathroom. Take a look at these bathroom cabinet ideas that use both materials. Unfinished wood provides subtle color while the ivory marble top makes the entire element looks matching.

Your bathroom just gets better with cupboard in the same nuance. Not to mention earth-tone flooring that creates a perfect harmony.

22. Mini wall mount cabinet for bathroom wall ornament

white bathroom cabinet

Do you need bathroom medicine cabinet ideas? This is an inspiring cabinet design that can serve as a wall ornament, too. Wall mount furniture piece allows you to save space on the floor.

Made from unfinished wood material, the cabinet looks good on your rustic or minimalist bathroom. It can be best placed above the toilet or vanity sink.

23. Skinny cabinet for small bathroom space

tall bathroom cabinets

Skinny bathroom cabinet ideas is a new trend to make a statement inside your private space. Tall tower cabinet uses up your vertical space, allowing you to locate another furniture piece on the floor.

This tall cabinet comes with two doors and open space. The white cabinet provides a clean look that matches with white tiles. Keep your items out of sight with this skinny and tall white bathroom cabinet ideas.

24. Tall corner bathroom cabinet looks adorable

corner bathroom cabinet

The corner is a tricky area. While many people try to avoid placing furniture in this spot, you can count for a tall corner bathroom cabinet ideas. Coming in a white shade, this cabinet looks adorable in your all-white bathroom.

The furniture piece allows you to maximize every inch of the bathroom, including the corner. The shelving ideas keep clutter away from your cozy bathroom. To add more colors, you can consider placing a real plant over the cabinet.

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25. Modern bathroom cabinet with large square mirror

bathroom floor cabinet

A small cabinet that provides a big function to your bathroom. Introducing a four-legged bathroom cabinet ideas with a minimalist appearance. Despite its small size, the furniture piece helps keep your items in place.

The cabinet comes with a sink and a large bathroom mirror that supports its function. The small size makes it a great choice for single dweller or kids. To add a more aesthetic touch, get a wooden stool to place a real plant.

Just like any other room in a house, the bathroom deserves your attention. Bathroom cabinet ideas are present to upgrade and makeover your bathroom without too much effort. Dare to show your character and define your coziness inside the bathroom.

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