Hat Rack Ideas

Hat rack ideas are your shortcut to organized hats collections. The fact that hats are among the most favorite fashion items, chances are that you have plenty of it. Unfortunately, they can cause clutter and mess at home.

Thanks to hat racks that can keep your hats collections in place. No worries, most hat organizers don’t take up much space. While plenty of manufactured hat racks are available on the market, you can make an organizer that is one of a kind.


Cool and Antique Hat Rack Ideas for DIY Project

It is time to unleash your creativity! If you are a big fan of woodworking projects, you should be excited to do this DIY project. Moreover, the following hat organizer ideas are super cool!

1. Contemporary wall mount hat rack

hat rack ideas diy
Source: ashleywinndesign.com

A wooden hat rack that borrows contemporary style will definitely provide ease of access. Simply mount the rack on the wall and you are ready to go. This hat organizer idea can accommodate more hats than you think.

The contemporary wall mount hat rack is a simple choice, good for DIY beginners. You only need to prepare a wood plank and make a pattern that resembles hooks. When it is done, the rack can be mounted almost anywhere.

2. Simple DIY hat rack with colorful hooks

hat rack ideas pinterest
Source: decorillo.com

This hat rack with colorful hooks is a must-have item in the boy’s bedroom. The hat rack comes in a very simple design, allowing you to make one for the upcoming project.

Despite its simple look, this hat rack enables you to organize more hats collections. Most importantly, the hanging hat rack does not take up much space on the wall. All you need to accomplish this project is wood plank and colorful hooks. So simple!

3. Ruler rack, so fascinating!

hat rack ideas with mirror
Source: cuethat.com

Ruler wooden rack accentuates rustic nuances, making it a perfect addition for any rustic interior. This unique wooden rack uses old rulers with different sorts of colors. The printed numbers add a distinctive pattern that makes this rack one of a kind.

How to make a hat rack from a ruler is easy. Prepare some old wooden rulers and hooks in a similar style. Attach the rulers one another and the hooks as a finishing. Abracadabra! A fascinating ruler rack is ready to use.

4. Rustic hat rack with rope

hat rack design ideas
Source: cbf-fund.com

If you are more into rustic style, the following hat rack ideas should captivate your heart. The DIY hat rack looks attractive, thanks to the combination of rustic wood and ropes.

This is a creative hat organizer that you can easily build at home. Just find some old wood planks and ropes and you will be ready to discover a new masterpiece. This hat rack can be mounted in your bedroom, entryway, or anywhere you like.

5. Wooden cowboy hat rack over the door

hat hanger ideas diy
Source: enthusiastized.com

Your cowboy hats require a special treatment including for the storage. Its unique shape does not fit regular hook, thus you need to find one that can keep it secure and well-shaped.

Among cool hat rack ideas, this is a great choice to organize your hats collections. The mixture of wooden base and iron holder evoke a strong country style. At the same time, it helps maintain the shape of the hats. If you don’t have much space, over the door hat rack sounds nice.

6. Hat organizer to save space

hat rack woodworking plans
Source: ashleywinndesign.com

Do you have dozens of hat collections at home? While a hat rack with hooks cannot accommodate all of them, this hat organizer helps save space in a clever way.

This hat rack idea comes in a compact design, allowing you to provide a nice and safe compartment for the hats. It is also worth mentioning the organizer can keep the hats clean. This hat rack may need a moderate level of carpentry skill.

7. Wall mount cowboy hat rack

hat rack plans build
Source: parist.com

A standing cowboy hat rack is what you need to organize the precious cowboy hat collections. This rack is made from wood material, making it a great addition to any room where you mount it.

The rack consists of four holders. It provides sufficient space for each hat so that your cowboy hats don’t look messy. You can create a DIY cowboy hat rack even if you are a beginner. Make sure to measure the holder, thus it can fit your cowboy hats.

8. Unique hat organizer with a clothes hanger

antler hat rack ideas
Source: nangen.club

Give a new job to your clothes hangers by transforming it into a unique hat organizer. This rack is one of a kind, allowing you to maximize it as a hat organizer as well as a wall ornament.

Hat rack ideas with clothes hangers don’t require too much effort. Simply prepare several wooden hangers and wood plank as a base. Attach the hangers with the iron hooks face down. The hooks provide a secure and strong holder for your hat collections.

9. Wooden hat rack with small hooks

hat holder ideas
Source: helena-source.net

For your baseball hats, the following hat rack ideas seem to be a nice one. The small wooden wall rack enables you to mount it almost anywhere.

Not only does it offer a hook to hang hats, but baseball hat rack ideas also come with small compartments to keep your baseball. Whenever you have this hat rack idea, you will not miss any baseball match as all you need is already there.

10. Vintage coat and hat rack looks so practical

hat rack plans free
Source: instrumenta.org

This hat rack adopts vintage style that makes it a perfect complement for your vintage interior. Its decorative appearance is impossible to ignore. Not to mention it features a small size that makes it so practical to mount anywhere.

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The vintage hat rack also serves as a coat rack. With this item, you can easily access the coats and hats. No more hectic moment before leaving the house.

11. Standing coat and hat rack for entryway

hat and coat rack ideas
Source: deviousmaids.com

Standing coat and hat rack looks good for your entryway or mudroom. The rack stands feature a simple appearance, with wood as its main material. The wooden standing rack is then equipped with iron hooks to secure your coats and hats.

For a family that finds it’s hard to organize the family’s coats and hats, hat rack stands are all you need to overcome the problem.

12. Creative hat rack ideas with string

hat rack diy simple
Source: housegardenlabs.com

Be creative with string! This DIY project for hat rack is absolutely easy yet practical to keep your hats in place. No more cluttered room as your hats is hung nicely on the string.

This rack idea is so inspiring. Most importantly, you can easily build it in a few seconds. Stretch the string, grab some clothespins, and you are done! Not only does it provide function, but the hat rack also serves as a decorative touch to the wall.

13. DIY rustic hat organizer featuring upcycled window

diy hat rack
Source: ashleywinndesign.com

The presence of an upcycled window evokes a rustic flair to the interior. As you can see, this DIY hat rack is all you need to keep the hats collections organized and look stylish.

This is one of trendy DIY hat rack ideas to define your style. Featuring upcycled window, you can also reduce waste. It is also worth mentioning this hat rack is one of a kind! Place the hat rack in the bedroom or walk-in closet and see how it brings a big impact on the interior.

14. Colorful wood pallets for hat and bag organizer

hat rack ideas simple for kids room
Source: cuethat.com

Wood pallets are one of the easiest materials for a DIY project. Hat rack ideas made from wood pallets show you how a simple material can be transformed into an amazing masterpiece with your creativity.

Grab some wood pallets and attach them vertically on the wall. Add some hooks, place in different height to add a decorative accent. Color the pallet or leave it to evoke a rustic flair. Or else, you can also varnish the surface to get some sheen.

15. Mind-blowing wall mount hat rack with a decorative touch

sports hat rack ideas
Source: lonny.com

If you love something that makes people raise their eyebrows, this hat rack is surely for you. Coming with a unique appearance, this hat rack can adorn your plan wall at the same time.

This one of homemade hat rack ideas is very easy to make. You only need some hooks, rope, and unique items such as chopping boards. Mount the hook on the wall, then tie the decorative items to the hook. That is it! A mind-blowing hat rack is there to define your style.

16. Open shelves to showcase your hat collections

wall mounted hat rack ideas
Source: homeejunke.com

Being a busy person, it may be difficult to find the right time for a DIY project. No worries! The following DIY hat rack ideas don’t take much of your time.

The idea of open shelving enables you to finish the project within a day. As long as you have all the materials, it will be ready in a few hours. Apart from being easy to build, this hat display rack can showcase your cool cap collections.

17. DIY wood hat and coat rack, so easy!

hat good rack ideas
Source: carpentryportal.com

The main function of a hat rack is to keep the hats safely and securely. Aside from this function, it is also good to find one that can bring a decorative touch to the interior.

The following hat rack plan provides you with not only function but also beauty. This minimalist coat and cap rack is perfect for a woodworking project, especially for beginners. It does not have a complicated design but is functional to keep your coats and caps.

18. Wrought iron hat rack with industrial style

hat hanger ideas
Source: yamahardexperience.com

Wall mount hat rack with industrial style is here! Made from wrought iron, this cap rack idea complements your industrial interior design.

The rack combines an artistic touch with durability. It can be a great choice if you want a sturdy and long-lasting cap rack.

19. Foldable wooden hat rack

hat rack ideas good
Source: ashleywindesign.com

A foldable wooden hat rack is a space saver. For your small space, a wooden rack that can be folded and expanded makes a perfect choice.

The cap rack offers generous hooks, allowing you to hang not only caps but also bags, coats, or clothes. The wider your space, the wider it can expand. This means your items can be stored more properly.

20. Cowboy hat organizer with metal holder

rack ideas for hat
Source: ashleywindesign.com

This one of hat rack ideas combines cowboy hat holder and baseball cap hook in one. The vertical metal holder enables you to keep cowboy hats while the lower hook is a perfect space for a baseball cap.

Coming with a simple appearance, cowboy hat rack ideas are more functional than you think. You can also keep coats or bags on the hook.

21. Minimalist hat rack with stick and string

rustic hat rack ideas
Source: currell.com

A hat rack with minimalist design looks nice to complement your minimalist interior. This cap organizer uses simple materials such as string and stick, creating a modest nuance to its appearance.

Good news for DIY beginners, you can create one at home. Prepare a wood stick, strings, and clothespins and you are ready to go. This homemade versatile rack is not only for caps but also for towels or small bags.

22. Creative baseball hat rack

hat rack ideas simple
Source: pinimg.com

Every baseball lover cannot resist the temptation of this creative baseball rack. Featuring real baseballs as hooks, this rack allows you to keep hat collections in place. If you are keen on baseball, have one at home!

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23. Wooden hat rack for an easy DIY project

hat rack plans
Source: ecx-images.com

This wooden hat rack provides you with an easy task of a DIY project. This vertical hat rack keeps your caps look tidy and organized. It is also worth mentioning that this standing hat rack fits any room.

24. Rail hat organizer is a space saver

hat rack diy plans
Source: pinimg.com

Rail and hooks are all you need to create wall hat rack ideas. This space-saving rack idea enables you to hang more caps in one place.

You can mount the rail almost anywhere, including the entryway or bedroom. Give some space between hooks, thus your caps look good to display.

25. Pegboard hat rack looks practical

ideas for hat rack
Source: cuethat.com

It’s time for pegboard! This organizer is so versatile that you can store almost anything on it. Pegboard can also be a good hat organizer. All you need to do is install the pegboard anywhere, along with the holder keep your hats and other fashion items.

Which of hat rack ideas above do you like the most? The ideas of hat organizer seem simple but it does require your attention to make it not only functional but also decorative!

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